The first PGConf in South Africa will take place in Cape Town on 3 October 2017! This is an opportunity for the developer community who use Postgres to get to know each other, exchange ideas and get training. Jim Mlodgenski will be our keynote speaker for the event.

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The event will be at the riverclub and includes tea and coffee and a lunch.

We are using the US platform which means the tickets are sold in USD, hopefully from next year (or later this year) we'll be able to do it in ZAR directly.

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Call for Papers

We are ready to accept your proposals for sessions!

You can submit proposals for Talks and Workshops. Proposals should fit in one of the 1 track: Postgres. The submission period has begun Tuesday, June 6. 2017 and closes Friday, August 25. 2017. That means you have only 4 days left! Remember SouthAfrica2017 will only be as good as the sessions you present. Submit early, submit often!

The River Club

Observatory / South Africa

Liesbeek Parkway
Observatory, Cape Town
South Africa


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If for any reason you have registered PGConf US 2017 but are unable to attend, PGConf US 2016 will permit full refunds up until 30 days before the conference. After this period, your ticket is nonrefundable.